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Post Adjustment

Please note that, in order to be consistent with the change in the location of the reference duty station in Kazakhstan, the duty station Kazakhstan, Almaty has been changed to Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan effective 14 June 2021. Accordingly, the country code for Kazakhstan duty station has been changed in the XML file from KAZ001 to KAZ004.

Classification Memo

A memo, which goes to organizations and agencies, contains revised monthly multipliers due to cost-of-living survey results and exchange rate fluctuation as well as inflation.

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Schedule of Classifications

This document provides information on the post adjustment indexes, multipliers and rental subsidy thresholds. It also highlights special measures which apply to duty stations affected by substantial devaluation of local currencies vis-a-vis the United States dollar, high inflation, relatively low survey results, etc. For your convenience, the document is presented in two parts.

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As of 1 June 2021

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History Report

This document provides time-series data on post adjustment multipliers, exchange rates and rental subsidy thresholds over a period of the last 12 months.