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Non-family Duty Stations (NFDS)

The Chair of the International Civil Service Commission may designate a duty station as a non-family duty station for the purpose of additional hardship allowance for service in non-family duty stations –- replaced by non-family service allowance in the revised compensation package. This applies to those duty stations where the United Nations Department of Safety and Security decides that for reasons of safety and security all eligible dependants are restricted from being present at the duty station for a period of six months or longer. Duty station could be declared as "non-family" prior to the six month mark following evacuation as the Commission decided to specifically have the situation assessed at the three-month mark. At that time, the Under- Secretary-General for Safety and Security would review the situation and advise the Chair of the Commission. At the six-month mark the definitive decision on the family or non-family status would normally need to be made by the Chair of the Commission after consultation with the Department of Safety and Security.

Review process

Family restrictions for reasons of safety and security and designation of non-family duty stations are normally reviewed twice a year, in conjunction with the mid-year and annual hardship reviews in June and November each year. Non-family designation may be introduced or lifted outside the scheduled time if the security situation so warrants.


The allowance is payable to internationally recruited staff assigned to non-family duty stations in flat amounts based on family status.

Amounts of non-family service allowance:

The amount is currently set at $19,800/year ($1,650/month) for staff with eligible dependants, and $7,500/year ($625) for staff with no dependants.