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Promoting and maintaining exemplary service to the United Nations common system


Our functions


  • Methodologies by which the principles for determining conditions of service should be applied
  • Job classification standards
  • Mobility and Hardship allowances
  • Post adjustment classifications
  • Daily Subsistence Allowance rates
  • Danger Pay

Recommends to the General Assembly

  • Broad principles to determine conditions of service
  • Scales of salaries for professional staff
  • Staff assessment
  • Education grant, home leave, repatriation grant, termination indemnities, dependency allowances & language incentive for Professional and above staff

Recommends to the Organizations

  • General Service salary scales at headquarters
  • Human resources policies
  • Gender balance/Work-life issues
  • Contractual arrangements
  • Performance Management
  • Standards of conduct
  • Staff training policy
ICSC Calendar
Working Group on family/dependency-related elements, including the education grant

27 May 2024 to
31 May 2024

Malaga, Spain

Mid-Year review of hardship duty stations according to conditions of life and work

11 June 2024 to
13 June 2024


15 July 2024 to
26 July 2024

FAO, Rome

Cost-of-Living Survey Schedules
Place-to-place (PDF)
Housing (PDF)

Multiple Locations