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Promoting and maintaining exemplary service to the United Nations common system

Our functions


  • Methodologies by which the principles for determining conditions of service should be applied
  • Job classification standards
  • Mobility and Hardship allowances
  • Post adjustment classifications
  • Daily Subsistence Allowance rates
  • Danger Pay

Recommends to the General Assembly

  • Broad principles to determine conditions of service
  • Scales of salaries for professional staff
  • Staff assessment
  • Education grant, home leave, repatriation grant, termination indemnities, dependency allowances & language incentive for Professional and above staff

Recommends to the Organizations

  • General Service salary scales at headquarters
  • Human resources policies
  • Gender balance/Work-life issues
  • Contractual arrangements
  • Performance Management
  • Standards of conduct
  • Staff training policy
ICSC Calendar

5 October 2020 to
16 October 2020

WIPO, Geneva

Working Group on GS Salary Survey Methodologies (Fourth meeting)

19 October 2020 to
23 October 2020

UN Office at Geneva

Annual review of the classification of field duty stations according to conditions of life and work (meeting dates - tbd)

1 November 2020 to
30 November 2020

ICSC Conference Room

Cost-of-Living Survey Schedules
Place-to-place (PDF)
Housing (PDF)

Multiple Locations