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The Thirty-ninth Session of the Advisory Committee on Post Adjustment Questions

New York, 20 - 27 February 2017

At this session, the Committee reviewed the results of the 2016 baseline cost-of-living surveys conducted at all eight headquarters duty stations (Geneva, London, Madrid, Montreal, New York, Paris, Rome and Vienna) and Washington, D.C. The Committee also considered a range of methodological issues pertaining to the 2016 round of surveys, including the adaptation of the approved methodology for application to field duty stations. The Committee’s recommendations in respect of: (a) a few minor modifications to the approved methodology related to both data collection and processing; (b) the survey results for Geneva, Montreal, and Washington, D.C., and (c) the methodology to be applied to field duty stations, will be submitted for the Commission’s consideration at its 84th session. The Committee decided to defer recommendations regarding the survey results for Rome, Vienna, Paris, London, and Madrid, pending its reviews of the results of a comprehensive price survey to be conducted by the secretariat in Brussels, as part its plan to assess and account for any systemic differences emanating from the transition from ICSC-collected to European Comparisons Programme average prices for these duty stations.

The session was attended by representatives of many organizations and staff federations, as well as several observers of Eurostat and of the International Service for Remunerations and Pensions, partner agencies of the ICSC.

Posted on 28 February 2017