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The Sixty-Ninth Session of the Commission, Headquarters of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Montreal, 29 June - 10 Jul 2009

During the session the Commission examined work being carried out on a number of subjects within its purview, including :
-Performance management.
-Standards of conduct for the international civil service.Separation payments.
-Base/floor salary scale.
-Evolution of the United Nations/United states margin.
-The agenda proposed for the thirty-second session of the Advisory Committee on Post Adjustment Questions (ACPAQ).
-Review of the General Service salary survey methodologies.
-A Job Evaluation Standards for the General Service and related categories.
-The classification of duty stations according to the conditions of life and work.
-An update on the ICSC staff survey results and progress on development of a senior management network.

A number of these subjects will be brought forward for further work at upcoming Commission sessions and a few were the subject of recommendations and decisions of the Commission in its thirty-fourth annual report to the General Assembly (A/64/30).

Posted on 4 July 2009