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The Sixty-Seventh Session of the Commission

New York, 14 - 25 July 2008

ICSC held its sixty- seventh session at United Nations Headquarters in New York from 14 to 25 July 2008.

During the session, the Commission considered the following issues:

Review of the pay and benefits system:

Conditions of service applicable to both categories of staff:

  • Performance Management – preliminary concepts on a proposed framework for performance management in the common system organizations;
  • The preliminary evaluation of the outcome of the first ICSC survey of common system staff;
  • Education grant: review of the methodology for determining the level of the grant, review of the level.
Conditions of service of the Professional and higher categories:
  • Children’s and secondary dependants’ allowance: review of the level;
  • Draft agenda of the Advisory Committee on Post Adjustment Questions for its thirty-first session;
  • Report by the secretariat on the effect of the appreciation of local currencies on the remuneration package of UN common system staff serving in field duty stations;
  • Report by the secretariat on its biennial study of progress on gender balance in United Nations common system organizations;.
  • Review of the level of the allowances payable under the Mobility/Hardship Scheme, and of Hazard Pay.
Conditions of service of the General Service and other locally recruited categories, inter alia:
  • An update on progress in reviewing the job evaluation standards for the General Service and related categories and a demonstration of the tool.
Conditions of service in the field:
  • effectiveness and impact of recruitment and retention measures at difficult duty stations.
During the session, Commission members also had informal meetings with the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Management, the Chairman of the United Nations Independent External Audit Committee, the Under-Secretary-General for Field Support and the Assistant Secretary-General for Human Resources. The Commission also hosted an event on the theme, “Young Professionals and the United Nations as an employer.”

The ICSC 2008 Annual Report which contains a description of the discussion in the Commission and the recommendations and decisions arrived at, is under preparation, and will be posted on this web-site as soon as it has been released.

Posted on 1 August 2008