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The Sixty Third Session of the Commission

New York, 10 - 28 July 2006

ICSC held its sixty- third session at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York from 10 to 28 July 2006. The commission discussed and made decisions or recommendations on the following:

  • Conditions of service applicable to both categories of staff, inter alia:
    • Review of the pay and benefits system;
    • New arrangements for mobility and hardship scheme;
    • Review of the level of education grant
  • Conditions of service of the Professional and higher categories, inter alia:
    • Base/floor salary adjustment;
    • Gender balance in the common system;
    • Total compensation comparisons
  • Conditions of service of the General Service and other locally recruited categories, inter alia:
    • Best prevailing conditions of employment at New York
  • Conditions of service in the field, inter alia:
    • National Professional Officers
    • Staffing of field missions
  • Posted on 1 August 2006