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Work/Life Agenda and Gender Equity

Reform in the United Nations common system aims at ensuring that the work of the Organizations will be undertaken by an excellent, dedicated and well managed workforce. The Secretary-General's new plan to strengthen the UN and improve its ability to meet current and future challenges includes initiatives to help staff to balance their professional and private lives in order to allow them to reach peak performance. In his report to the 57th Session of the General Assembly, the Secretary General re-iterates the commitment of the United Nations to this principle.  Report

Organizations of the United Nations common system fully subscribe to this approach and consider reform of human resource management as an item of highest priority in the continuing effort to strengthen the capacity of organizations in achieving their strategic goals. Under its mandate, the Commission establishes and monitors policies to support this effort.

The Executive Heads of Organizations of the UN common system have adopted a policy for human resource reform that reflect their commitment to the improvement and harmonization of management practices in the organizations of the UN System and thereby promote efficiency and effectiveness in the operations of all organizations. In addition, as Organizations recognize the imperative of nurturing a competent workforce in a flexible environment to respond to the challenges of today’s dynamic world of technological change, professional aspirations and dual career families, they have made every effort to provide a supportive work environment that allows staff to reach their full performance potential while balancing competing demands in their professional and private lives.

The policy approach for the Work/Life Agenda adopted by organizations of the common system may be accessed from the following website:

Gender Issues in the United Nations Common System

The Commission encourages the establishment of policies for the achievement of gender equality in the system and continues to monitor progress in this respect. The commitment of Organizations of the United Nations Common System is reflected in the following policy statements.

Beijing Platform for Action

Policy statement of Executive Heads:

Ms. Marta Leichner-Boyce
Chief, Human Resources Policies Division

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