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Framework (Human Resources Management Booklet)

The International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) adopted a framework for human resources management in 2000 to facilitate the effective personnel management and promote common values of international civil service. Many changes have taken place in the world of work in the last decade; therefore, the Commission revised the framework in 2017. The new framework focuses on the strategic role of human resources functions and advances a staff-centered approach in personnel management. The framework is presented in an interactive format and is accessible on our website for all stakeholders below.

Previous version of the Framework is found below in desired languages :
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Ms. Marta Leichner-Boyce
Chief, Human Resources Policies Division

> Human Resource Management

> Job Evaluation

> Mobility and Hardship

> Rest and recuperation (R&R) framework

> Danger Pay

> Designation of non-family duty stations (NFDS)

> Links to Job Opportunities in the UN System and other international organizations

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