Role of the Survey Coordinator

The survey coordinator is the overall manager of the survey at each duty station. Their cooperation is critical to the success of the survey. In particular, the ICSC requested their assistance with the following:

(1) Provide a complete list of all eligible staff members in your duty station. The following information is required for each staff member:

The Personnel List template can be used as a guide (the first row has been filled in to provide an example of the desired format of the required information).

(2) Publicise the survey to staff at the duty station before the survey, so they can prepare in advance. In this connection, the ICSC has prepared the text of the initial broadcast to staff members that can be adapted to the specific circumstances of each duty station.

(3) Email the URL and password to the staff members at each duty station, along with any specific instructions which coordinators feel may help maximize staff participation.

(4) Provide staff members without internet access a hardcopy version of the questionnaire, with contact information and specific instructions on how to submit the completed questionnaire. All such submissions should be returned to the ICSC by the survey coordinator by not later than the 31 October 2012.