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The International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) is an independent expert body established by the United Nations General Assembly. Its mandate is to regulate and coordinate the conditions of service of staff in the United Nations common system (see below), while promoting and maintaining high standards in the international civil service.

The Commission is composed of fifteen members who serve in their personal capacity. They are appointed by the General Assembly for four-year terms, with due regard for broad geographical representation. The Chairman and the Vice-Chairman are full-time members and are based in New York. The full Commission meets twice a year.

Mr. Kingston Rhodes
Sierra Leone
Mr. Aldo Mantovani
Ms. Marie-Françoise Bechtel
Mr. Emmanuel Oti Boateng
Mr. Larbi Djacta
Mr. Mohammed Farashuddin
Ms. Carleen Gardner
 Mr. Luis M. Hermosillo
Mr. Yuji Kumamaru
Mr. Jeffrey Mounts
United States of America
Mr. Wolfgang Stöckl
Mr. Vladimir Storozhev
The Russian Federation
Mr. Xiaochu Wang
Mr. Eugeniusz Wyzner
Mr. El Hassane Zahid

Two United Nations Plaza,
10th Floor,
New York, N.Y. 10017

Tel. +(1) 212-963-5465
Fax. +(1) 212-963-0159


ICSC is assisted by an expert subsidiary body, the Advisory Committee on Post Adjustment Questions (ACPAQ), which provides technical advice on the methodology of the post adjustment system. Other working groups and panels are established on an ad hoc basis as the need arises.

ACPAQ is composed of six members and is chaired by the Vice Chairman of ICSC.  The current members of ACPAQ are:

  • Mr. Aldo Mantovani (ACPAQ Chairman), Italy
  • Mr. Edmundo Berumen-Torres, Mexico
  • Mr. John Astin, UK
  • Mr. Yuri Ivanov, Russian Federation
  • Mr. Akihiko Ito, Japan
  • Mr. Abdoulaye Adam, Niger
The chief of the Cost-of-Living Division serves as secretary to ACPAQ.

ACPAQ usually meets every year to review methodological and other technical issues related to the operation of the post adjustment system, and to make recommendations for ICSC's consideration and approval.


The Commission's substantive and administrative work is carried out by its secretariat, headed by an Executive Secretary. It is composed of some 40 staff members. The work of the secretariat is divided among three divisions: Cost-of-Living, Salaries and Allowances, and Human Resources Policies Division , each headed by a division chief.
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