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Post Adjustment in Geneva
Results of the Cost-of-Living Survey

The International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) approved the results of the cost-of-living survey conducted in Geneva, in October 2016, as recommended by the Advisory Committee on Post Adjustment Questions. This means that the post adjustment index for Geneva, which guarantees equivalence of purchasing power of salaries of Professional staff serving in Geneva relative to their counterparts in New York would now be lower than the current post adjustment level for Geneva.

There are methods in place which are meant to soften the negative effect of the survey.

The likely salary reduction would be administered in accordance with established transitional measures, which ensure that salaries of Geneva staff on post as of May 2017 are not affected for four months (April-July 2017); and are reduced only gradually afterward, every 3 months. Thus the next date of revision would be August 2017, and then November 2017, when the transitional measures which might be necessary are expected to be phased out, depending on the evolution of inflation and exchange rate fluctuations. The exact percentage can only be announced later as there are most likely changes between the survey date and the date of implementation in May 2017 (seven months later), as the survey result is adjusted to account for inflation and exchange rate fluctuations.

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