Review of the Common System Compensation Package  

This past March (2013), the Commission launched a Comprehensive Review of the United Nations common system compensation package to examine all elements of staff compensation together with other HR elements falling under its mandate. The Commission’s goal is a revised compensation system that is coherent, sustainable and addresses the concerns/expectations of all of its stakeholders—staff, organizations and Member States.

The Review will take place in stages, beginning with an in-depth examination of the history and rationale for the various elements contained in the present compensation package. Next, alternative approaches will be considered and assessed for applicability to the UN common system. The Commission has already begun to study current trends and the practices in expatriate compensation used in other international organizations, NGOs, and the private sector.

Three working groups, each with a specific focus, have been formed to facilitate the Commission’s work. The composition of the working groups, which include Commission members, representatives of the common system organizations and the three global staff federations, provides for and ensures the full participation of all stakeholders. The three working groups will consider:

(1) The remuneration structure;
(2) Competitiveness and sustainability; and
(3) Performance incentives and other human resources issues.

To maximize input prior to the meeting of the first working group, the Chair and Vice Chair of ICSC met with the organizations’ Executive Heads and Human Resources Directors to seek their views. A parallel undertaking was the global staff survey to identify important areas of concern linked to both compensation and performance management issues. Outcomes from these meetings and the findings from the survey will be available to the first working group meeting scheduled to take place from 2 to 6 December 2013.

Results from the meeting of the first working group as well as progress reports from the other working groups will be reported to the Commission at its spring session in 2014.

27 November 2013


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